Wednesday's Child: Justin wants to turn the page and enter a new chapter with a family

It was like a trip to a wonderland when we took Justin to visit our favorite bookstore, "Once Upon a Time" in Montrose, CA.

With so many books to read and choose from, Justin's inquisitive spirit began to flow when he started to build his personal library. It can be difficult to narrow down a selection. As we strolled, shopped and chatted with Justin, we found an open-minded young man willing to consider many different options.

At the core, Justin (2004) is a builder and he hopes to find a career doing that someday. Justin walked away with a book bag full of books centered on building things, and told us that he hopes to be a part of building his own forever family.

What else did we find out about Justin? He also enjoys going on outings to the beach and to the movies, as well as bowling. Justin is a happy and active child. He communicates well and is able to express himself with ease.

Justin enjoys school and participates in basketball, football and track. He has a penchant for physical activity but he's not all "go, go, go…" as evidenced in the bookstore when he gravitated towards reading different books.

He's experienced a lot of loss and longs for a home that can reassure him of his safety and acceptance in a loving permanent family.

Justin is open to all family constellations.

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