July 4 fireworks spark fires across SoCal

Extreme heat warnings and fire weather warnings continue through the holiday weekend across much of Southern California.

Over the Fourth of July holiday, firefighters responded to several fires and injuries related to fireworks.

"One time, 7 rockets went bam, bam, bam," said James Bruinsslot in Northridge. "It was ridiculous."

SkyFOX flew above Los Angeles Thursday night as thousands of illegal fireworks flashed across the sky.

In Anaheim, one man was seriously burned and rushed to a hospital after a firework exploded near his face.

"[He] went to light the one off, it shot up, hit him in the face," said Salvatore Anastasi. "He fell back and busted his head. It put a hole in his head, all the blood was leaking out."

A family of 6 was forced to evacuate from their home around 11:30 Thursday night after a fire started in their Northridge backyard. They don’t believe fireworks started the fire.

"It spread so far, so fast, all we could do was start evacuating," said Tashana Prudent.

"We don’t think this was fireworks," said Michael Prudent. "I’m doing my due diligence. I’ve contacted the arson team, trying to get to the bottom of it."

Extreme heat warnings and fire weather warnings will continue through the holiday weekend.