Is your soap killing your sex drive?

A chemical in your body soap could be killing your sex life.

Triclosan, a once popular chemical in soap, deodorant, shampoo, toys, clothing, toothpaste and shave gel, was found to disrupt sex thyroid hormones.

"In men, it specifically disrupts cells in the testicles that produce testosterone production. So, if someone is having a problem with fertility, that could be a major issue," said Gary Cohan M.D., a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician.

Cohan says the chemical has been around since the sixties and was originally used as a rat killer and pesticide. It was then used by doctors and nurses before going mainstream as an antibacterial for consumers.

Researchers at University of California, Davis studied the effects of the Triclosan and found the chemical can also cause muscle weakness.

The Food and Drug Administration has banned the chemical in products sold in the United State starting September 2017. Triclosan is already been banned in products sold in Europe.

"We still don't know the long term effects, but remember one of the biggest problems we face right now is antibiotic resistance," said Cohan.

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