Investigation into cause of brawl at a Glendale high school continues

Students and parents from Glendale's Hoover High School addressed the school board about safety following a brawl that broke out on campus on October 3, 2018.

Administrators have called the fight a cultural clash between the school's majority Armenian students and minority football players, but some parents see it differently.

"I don't call it a cultural issue, I call it what I see it as, it's a racial issue," one parent told the school board.

"There were multiple kids attacking, isolating and targeting these football players," mother, Dana Sledge, said.

Sledge is the mom of a football player who she said was threatened for several weeks leading up to the fight.

"There were threats made in real life like walking down the hall, we are going to get you, don't walk home," she described.

Following the fight, two football games were cancelled.

District officials said students were disciplined, but per policy they won't reveal what action was taken.

Since then, the district has had students in mediation to resolve their differences.

"Student lead inclusive clubs and groups are the suggestions and recommendations we are hearing to make sure we continue to build community at Hoover," District Superintendent, Winfred Roberson, said

Two additional security guards have also been hired to permanently protect the school.

Parent's think it's a start, but believe the school has a long way to go to bring students together.

"There are children who have not returned to school because they are afraid," Sledge said.

Football practice and games for the month of October will continue as scheduled, according to the district.