Investigation continues into mysterious jetpack sighting near LAX

A flight crew with China Airlines reportedly spotted someone in a jetpack about 6,000 feet in the air Wednesday afternoon near LAX. 

This is the second jetpack sighting in weeks. 
Now some local pilots are weighting in on the mystery. 

Gleaming jets and smaller private planes fill the hangar at Van Nuys airport where FOX 11’s Phil Shuman spoke to Mach 1 Aviation Chief Pilot Alexander Gornakov about the latest jetpack mystery.  

As you can imagine, most pilots have heard about it and are wondering about it.

"They saw something, they certainly saw something,'' he said.

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The jetpack reportedly flew over the skies in the general area of Santa Monica but again, no one saw in the air or on the ground, saw it. 

''We're not sure what the hell it was,” Gornakov added.

He, like most of the experts are trained observers, calm under stress, highly reliable, and in this cases, as you'll hear if you listen to the audio, very specific.

Yet the mystery is that no one on the ground reported seeing something as loud and noticeable as a jetpack taking off or landing, no one had cell phone video of it, a 911 call, or a social media post.  

A rocket pack on your back would make a lot of noise and be easy to see and hear. That's why this was so unusual the first time and now the second time.

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Yes we're in So Cal with its history of the Space Program, test flights at Edwards Air Force Base, defense contractors, and so on, but all those so called ''responsible'' entities would certainly know not to fly a jetpack in the area of commercial aviation... and anyone with the technological and financial ability to launch a jetpack would also know better.

Which leaves some kind of ''prank'', but who's sophisticated enough to do that?

The mystery continues, the FAA, local authorities and the FBI are investigating the matter. 

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