Inland Empire congressional race heats up: Ken Calvert vs. Will Rollins

Ken Calvert is the Inland Empire’s longest serving congressman, first elected to office in the 90’s. But he could be facing a tough battle for reelection which could mean big shakeups in government.

Due to the latest redistricting, Calvert’s district, a largely conservative block of communities in West Riverside County, has lost Temecula and Murrietta. Instead, the district now includes much more democratic areas including Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert.

Facing off against Calvert is former federal prosecutor Will Rollins, and he is as different as someone can be from Calvert. He is openly gay, believes in abortion rights and says he decided to run after the attack on the Capitol. 

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Calvert wants to decrease the nation’s dependence on oil from foreign countries, push for local production of fuel, opposes Obamacare and supports stronger border security.

Calvert has lived in the district his whole life and accuses Rollins of moving into the district for the election. Rollins says he has been representing the district, as a Federal Prosecutor for years, and that he became a candidate before the latest redistricting was announced.

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This election could change a lot for California and one of the fastest growing areas in the state… the Inland Empire.

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