In Depth: The Northridge quake — 25 years later

This is a powerful show. It is comprehensive about the Northridge Quake 25 years ago. This program is also emotional and sobering as we hear about Lonnie Lardner losing her home, the impact on myself and my other colleagues.

It is also educational in the advice we hear from the CEO of the California Earthquake Authority Glenn Pomeroy and veteran seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones. We start with history.


25 years ago the world as we know it in the San Fernando Valley crumbled. Literally! at 4:31am on January 17, 1994 the ground shook with a 6.7 earthquake. There were deaths, destruction... it was very difficult for those bounced out of bed by the temblor. In our opening piece we get a real feel for what that day was like from many perspectives. California Earthquake Authority CEO Glenn Pomeroy talks about the need to be prepared and be insured.


My colleagues Phil Shuman, Tony McEwing, Christina Gonzalez join me and former KTTV reporter Lonnie Lardner. This is a really sobering segment. We hear from the reporters on our panel about their recollections, but Lonnie lost her home. She even found looters there.


In this segment we hear from longtime seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones. She talks about the continual need to upgrade infrastructures and look for places are retrofitting is needed. We also hear more reactions from our panel of reporters.


Final thoughts.