In Depth: LAPD release of officer information

Hal Eisner is joined by Robert Rico, General Counsel for the LA Police Protective League. They discuss the mistaken release of names and photographs of undercover officers in a Freedom of Information Act request.

While LAPD Chief Michel Moore has apologized for the mistake, the impact on officers is ongoing.  The information was picked up by the owner of a "Killer Cops" website where bounties were offered for murdering LAPD officers.

Officers are now afraid for themselves and their families after receiving threats.

Rico talks about the lawsuits that are being filed by the LAPPL, including one intended to "claw back" the information that was released.

He says that Twitter has already banned the "Killer Cops" account, and they are hoping the suit persuades the site owner to take it down.

Rico explains that the damage to LAPD officers’ morale is already probably irreversible, and that this error is likely to damage retention and recruiting in the department for the near future. 

In our last segment, we take a look at Hal’s Lifetime Achievement Award honor by the Southern California Radio TV News Association.

We show a clip of part of the presentation of the award, and a look back at his career in TV and Radio news.