In Depth: Doing Good: Teeth, Adaptive Sports, Music

In segment one, Hal is joined by Dr. Jay Grossman, the founder and CEO of Homeless Not Toothless. Dr. Grossman is a local dentist, who with his wife operates this non-profit to assist low-income people with dental care.  

Grossman says he started serving veterans and just expanded. He now works with the unhoused population, domestic violence victims and foster children. Grossman talks about the benefits of such intervention and what services they can offer. For information or to contribute to the cause, visit

In segment two, Hal speaks to Andrew Skinner, the founder of Triumph Foundation. Skinner talks about his own life-changing spinal injury which left him paralyzed. He was inspired to create the Triumph Foundation from his own experience of receiving support after injury.  

The foundation provides assistance to those facing injury or illness that leaves them in a state of disability.   The foundation sponsors an Adaptive Sports Fest every year at the Rose Bowl. This year it’s coming up on November 4.  Skinner explains what some of the activities will be and who can participate. For more information, check out and to contribute visit

In segment three, Marcy Sudock is the founding director of Musique Sur La Mer in Long Beach.  The organization offers lessons and an opportunity to make music for both children and adults who want to pursue such a creative pursuit.  

They strive to offer partial or full scholarships for those who can’t afford the participation. They also take the groups to performance events all over the world. 

They are currently fundraising for an upcoming appearance at the Sydney Opera House, and have a number of upcoming performances upcoming. For more information, the website is