In Depth: Coronavirus travel and kids

SEGMENT A: A doctor weighs in

Dr. Nancy Gin  the Regional Medical Director of  Quality and clinical Analysis with Kaiser Permanente joins Hal to talk about the clinical indications that one has the coronavirus, who is most affected by the virus and precautions that should be taken by the public.

Dr. Gin says the symptoms are very similar to a cold or the flu. She also says that 80 percent of the people who contract the virus barely notice they have it.

She also says that as it is a new virus, our systems aren’t equipped to battle it quickly. Gin says that there are a limited number of test kits to test for this virus.

Hal and Gin discuss what people have unique vulnerabilities to the disease, such as elderly people and people with COPD or other respiratory issues.

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SEGMENT B: Coronavirus and travel

Travel Advisor Arvind Mishra joins Hal and Dr. Gin to discuss how air travel is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Mishra says that because things are changing so rapidly, and because airlines have different policies, people should check with their specific airline to find out what the policy is for their trip.

Both Mishra and Gin suggest making sure you’re not traveling to a level 3 or level 4  country.

Mishra also says that you should also consider if you are going to be around high-risk individuals if you become infected. 

Hal also asked about travel through airports, and Mishra says to just take infection protection and carry hand sanitizer.

SEGMENT C: Coronavirus and Kids

Dr. Lauren Crosby of La Peer Pediatrics talks about how to handle talking to your kids about Coronavirus.  Crosby recommends watching how you are talking about the situation within earshot of your children,  and rather than telling them about the outbreak, rather ask them what they have heard.  She also recommends keeping exposure to news to a minimum.

Crosby also talks about why children might be less vulnerable to becoming very ill from the Coronavirus.  The doctor says she has been talking to parents non-stop about the virus and its effects.  Crosby says that she is just sharing the advice to treat illnesses the same way one would treat any virus.

Kids should not be restricted from exposure to each other unless the health department says so.

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