In Depth: Catalytic Converters, Travel, Vehicles

In segment one, Hal is joined by Auto Club of Southern California spokesman Doug Shupe and DMV Supervising Investigator Ricardo Hernandez to talk about the increase in catalytic converter thefts over the past few years. 

In just four years, thefts have skyrocketed about 700%. Shupe discusses ways of protecting your property, such as etching a VIN number or license plate number on your catalytic converter or painting it a bright color. He also says to keep your vehicle off the street and in a garage whenever possible.

Hernandez discusses the work being done on the other end to track down unlicensed auto repair shops and educate them about the laws to limit the market for stolen converters.

In segment two, Doug Shupe returns to talk to Hal about the travel boom that’s going on. Nationwide, we’re seeing record numbers of travelers this summer.  

Shupe discusses the pent-up demand, and says people have saved up money during the pandemic, and now they are doing "bucket list" vacations because they know things could change at any moment. He does say there are still weeks if not months-long delays in getting a passport.

Shupe offers tips for air and highway travel to keep vacations from being spoiled by uncertainty.

In segment three, national transportation expert Mike Caudill joins Hal to talk about what’s going on with our vehicles. He says that the chip shortage is getting better and that means more cars are available on lots, though prices still aren’t that great for consumers.

He also discusses electric vehicles and the various issues around the purchase of those vehicles versus gas-powered vehicles.