In Depth: Animal Rescues, Rock & Roll Radio Theater

In segment one, Hal speaks with Brittany Thorn, executive director of Best Friends Animal Society. 

She tells us about the crisis we’re dealing with locally involving homeless pets. We discuss the explosion of kittens due to the fact that warm weather makes cats breed later in the year. 

Thorn tells us about the recent 10th anniversary of Best Friends Animal Society, and how they’ve been trying to ameliorate the crisis, and how successful they’ve been.  

To help out, visit

In segment two, Jennifer Sims is a volunteer who assists dogs and cats on Skid Row. She forms relationships with unhoused people with animals and convinces them to turn over those animals so they can find a better life.  

Sims says this is a life-long commitment, and she got started by witnessing the heart-rending sight of dogs, staked out on the sidewalk in blistering heat.

She shares stories of shocking events she’s had to deal with in her efforts to save those pets.

You can follow the efforts on Instagram at @startswithonetoday or @wufaw_official. 

You can also follow Jenn’s Instagram at @jennsims10.

In segment three,  Maureen Davis joins Hal to talk about the project she’s producing to get money into the pockets of striking actors and writers.   

The Rock & Roll Radio Theater is raising funds to put on retro-style radio plays on a mini-podcast. 

SAG/AFTRA has signed off on the deal so no one will be crossing picket lines. The group is still gathering tax-deductible funds to put on these performances, and as of now, they’re about $5,000 short of their goal fund the podcasts.    

They’ll be original comedy and music performances which will be available wherever you get podcasts.   To help, you can visit their website.