If given a case by LAPD, City Attorney would prosecute Harvey Weinstein if warranted

LA City Attorney calls the press together to talk about counterfeit cell phone accessories...but starts off his comments with some about disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Earlier in the day Weinstein - on a speakerphone from Arizona, was faced with resigning or being fired as he spoke to the Board of Directors of The Weinstein Company.

In the course of resigning, TMZ reports that he said "I'm sorry. I have a real problem." They also report that, according to their sources, he was apologetic, contrite, there was no screaming - yelling or anger and that "he needed to build a new life and move on."

But, that "moving on" part may be difficult. The latest to weigh in was Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer who says, "I was sickened. I was disgusted. The allegations, if they're true, appropriately send shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry."

He says it's important to put a spotlight on the unsavory side of Hollywood, but "It's equally significant to put a spotlight on this issue for everyday life, for everyday people who don't know what to do when they think their jobs are on the line not sure anyone's going to listen to them; they're not sure anyone is going to follow up. I'm here to say that we will."

Regardless of whether in the spotlight or far from it, Feuer says, "This is an extraordinary and appalling experience to go through and particular...I want to highlight is the other side of that coin and that is the courage displayed by people who do come forward because in the case of the allegations regarding Weinstein for example. We have heard now again and again from women indicating they thought their careers were at risk if they were to say a word."

Will he prosecute Harvey Weinstein if given the opportunity? Says the city attorney, "To be clear, our offices are the recipient of cases from LAPD based on arrests and investigations that they perform. We have not yet been referred cases arising from anything leading to the allegations regarding Weinstein, but as I said, if we are referred cases arising from Weinstein or in a typical day in a business world someplace…some other business we would take those allegations very seriously - we will follow up, and when the facts warrant conviction we will prosecute."

So, whether related to Harvey Weinstein or any workplace sexual harassment..."Please come forward so that your cases can be pursued and so justice can be vindicated."