ICU nurse gets second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

ICU nurse 32-year old Helen Cordova chats easily. We spoke on Zoom on Monday about what it feels like to be a role model, if she had any side effects after receiving the coronavirus vaccine not once — but twice, and the worry over the latest surge.

Cordova became well known overnight when she became the first frontline healthcare worker in the state of California to get the vaccine. Cordova was given that access because she’s in the trenches on COVID-19.

FOX 11's Laura Diaz asked if she felt like a pioneer. Corvoda said she did.

"I feel honored to be a voice to instill trust in the vaccine for others," Cordova said.

She knows she’s paving the way, especially for Latinos. Studies show that Latinos are being devastated by the virus, making up 58% of the COVID-19 cases in the state.

And yet, many people remain opposed to getting the vaccine when it’s made available to them. As for Helen’s vaccine experience, she says she’s suffered no ill side effects. The first time, she said her arm was a little sore the next day. But that was it.

Late Monday afternoon, she said, "I feel great! Nothing negative to report on dose two."

Cordova is an ICU nurse at Kaiser Permanente in Hollywood. She’s seen it all. Despite the sobering health environment and "surge-on-surge" numbers, she says there are better days are ahead.

"It’s not like in March when there was no hope on the horizon. The light is getting brighter," Cordova said.

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