Iconic Fatburger chain has now gone skinny

UPDATE: The announcement about Fatburger changing its name to Skinnyburger turned out to be an April Fool's Day joke.

After 70 years in business the iconic Fatburger chain has now gone skinny!

The Beverly Hills-based company FAT, which stands for Fresh, Authentic, Tasty, started the rebranding and has already been made on its website and social media platforms.

The company tweeted out on Wednesday:

A Change

Is Coming

The company said the change was 'due to popular demand for the brand's top-pick menu item,' the skinnyburger, which is a low-carb, lean-beef burger made with two patties in lieu of buns.

Founder Lovie Yancey opened the very first location in 1947 and was called Mr. Fatburger.

Remember IHOP's short-lived rebranding stint last year?

Do you think this will last? We will see!