Hundreds pay tribute to victims of San Bernardino mass shooting

Across the Southland, hundreds paid tribute to the 14 lives lost in San Bernardino last Wednesday.

Near the IRC, the memorial of candles, flowers and balloons grew by the minute on Saturday.

Dozens came to pray and share their pain.

Communities stretching in all directions -- some nearly 50 miles away -- did the same.

The Islamic Center in Rancho Cucamonga held an interfaith solidarity meeting. Congressman Aguilar of San Bernardino was there to show his support for the victims and the Muslim community.

Muslims, Jews and Christians at Granada Hills High School lit candles and held hand to show their unity.

And at the Santa Fe Recreation Dam, many remembered Daniel Kaufman. He was a staple at the annual Renaissance Fair. The tribute here was different from the rest though. Memories, music and laughter filled the air. It was a celebration for a man that friend said brought so much joy to their lives.

"His smile was always real. And you couldn't not catch it from him," said one friend.