Hundreds at LA City Hall protest Trump administration's new transgender policy

Several hundred transgender people and their supporters attend a rally outside Los Angeles City Hall on Monday night.

They are standing their ground in opposition to a memo from the Trump administration that poses a threat to their existence.

"I know I was born and declared male, but I never felt male," Kerri Cecil said. "So for some administration to tell me what I'm feeling and who I am is wrong."

The potential new change to the Title 9 Law which protects federal civil rights would roll back Obama-era policies that defined gender as a person's choice and instead make gender unchangeable based on a person's sex at birth.

"It was really important what Obama did when he included gender identity in the sex discrimination laws," Cecil said. "This would effectively wipe us out of that."

At the rally downtown organized by TransLatin, transpeople said the proposals would open them up to more discrimination.

"I can be kicked out of my home, I can be fired from my job and I could be the victim of violence," Kelly Christie said. "The government is basically saying they don't care."

The Department of Health and Human Services which is spearheading the proposal said it's just following a court order.

The President, when asked what he was doing to protect LGBTQ people, said. "I'm protecting everybody, I want to protect our country."

"I don't know what President Trump is planning to do, but I don't think in this country we are looking to reopen doors to discrimination," Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General, said.

Other lawmakers have accused the Trump administration of bringing up this issue several weeks before the midterm elections to help energize his base in closely contested races.