Homeless veteran left in tears after Good Samaritan act

A homeless war veteran was moved to tears in Redlands, California, when he met a Good Samaritan at a local gas station.

The homeless man approached Max, the man behind the video, and asked for change; that was when Max invited him into his car and offered to buy him food.

After grabbing lunch, Max decides he wants to do something to pay it forward.

"I tell you what, I go to work everyday around 4:00, and if you meet me at that gas station," Max says, " I'm going to buy you lunch."

The veteran's face is priceless. Max said that he wanted to do something for the veteran, and then one day, maybe he'd get on his feet.

"What do you usually eat?" Max asks. The veteran responds, "Whatever," with a smile.

Max tells the veteran to stay positive.

"No one has shown me this much kindness in a while," the veteran says as he begins to tear up, "Thank you."

Max knew his biggest reason behind why he wanted to help.

"It's just a small thing," he says, "You served this country, and you deserve better."

Some good news has followed the emotional scene-- Max's new friend secured a restaurant job!

Max has also started a GoFundMe campaign to support other homeless veterans. He's raised nearly $10,000.