Homeless man rents out spaces out of elaborate encampment

It's one of the most elaborate homeless encampment set-ups some say they've seen in Los Angeles - fully furnished underneath a freeway with a shower, kitchen and beds..

But "Paradise Lane" as Ceola Waddell Jr or Mr. Dice calls it -- is a part of L.A.'s growing homeless encampments, a prime piece of real estate stretching 200 feet under the 110 freeway that a FOX 11 viewer first alerted us to.

Mr. Dice rents out beds on the sidewalk there for $25 a week, or $10 per night.

After getting frequently ticketed in skid row, Mr. Dice moved his high class homeless camp near USC

A video of his encampment recently went viral, getting nearly 1.5 million views.

But Mr. Dice says he keeps losing his home here too.

"I've set this up three times. the first and second time they came and got all my coats, my food, my cooking utensils, my makeshift jacuzzi which i made out of a refrigerator laid it on its back and put water in it so I could take a bath. They took all of that. and I said 'You're not gonna win because I come from the streets I know how to live as a homeless person. you can keep taking it but you can't take my spirit to do it again," said Mr. Dice.

According to the L.A. Times, the Bureau of Sanitation spokeswoman Elena Stern says the city has stepped in to help, but Waddell refuses homeless services including temporary housing.

Waddell said that's not true, he'd be happy to live in an apartment.

"I want to have one of those, but they're a little slow, dragging their feet with the process," said Mr. Dice.

Mr. Dice says until that happens, he's proud to break stereotypes of living in the street.

"This guy here? this old man. he told his landlord I'm moving over here to Mr. Dice's place, I want to rent a tent out to him. he was paying $600," said Mr. Dice.

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