Homeless couple thanks Sheriff's deputy with unique note after finding home

A young married couple living out of their car for months was finally placed into housing thanks to the help from a dedicated Orange County Sheriff's Department team tasked with helping the homeless.

Deputy Castro, Lake Forest Homeless Liaison Officer, says the couple was in their 20s and had just recently gotten married but had a falling out with family. The couple couldn't make ends meet and resorted to living in a beat-up car after another until it broke down, and would park at different locations around the city, sometimes resulting in concerned residents calling law enforcement.

Over many months, Deputy Castro says he, along with help from the Sheriff's Department South Homeless Outreach team, offered the couple services to help them get to a better place -- such as housing placement and job hunting but just when progress seemed to be made, plans would either fall through or the couple wouldn't show up for required meetings to move the ball forward.

The deputy never lost hope the couple would one day accept his help.

"I stayed very patient," Deputy Castro said. "We just kept working and trying to get them help."

Then, one day, Deputy Castro discovered the couple's vehicle sat immobile on a Lake Forest street, but this time, had a note on the windows. It read:

"Tow it. I want to thank Castro for believing in us. Thanks for everything. We got a place."

"I was very humbled and happy for them," Deputy Castro said. "It's one of those moments where you see the outcome of all the work we put in. We always want to do outreach before we do enforcement and they are a prime example of that."