Home in LA's Laurel Canyon cracks, shifts after severe weather

A couple in Laurel Canyon is concerned about the fate of their house after it cracked and shifted following the winter storm in Southern California Wednesday.

"Yesterday we had a storm and it poured down rain. The wind was blowing and we heard this crack sound, and didn't realize until today [Thursday] what happened. The house had shifted and started tilting," said Jess Whiteley.

Whiteley said that isn't the only problem. The road leading to their house, which is off of Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mountain, is now impassable, and that's an issue the two have been dealing with for quite some time, now exacerbated by the storm.

"We've been in talks with the city about the road and we're not getting any answers as to who's responsible. Is it the property owner? Is it the city? Who takes care of this? This started over a year ago and there's no progress," said Whiteley.

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Their vehicles are now stuck at the top of the hill, unable to come down, and no vehicles are able to get up the road either.

"There is no access and my boyfriend's truck is stuck up there with his work gear so he can't get to work. Who do we call for help? Emergency services can't get up there anymore," said Whiteley.

Rick Charnoski said their house situation has now become a hazard. They have rented the home for two and a half years now, but are not hearing back from the landlord or city officials about the next steps yet.

"The house is leaning with weight onto the gas meters that are below our house. It doesn't take much to figure out that that is a potential hazard and if a hazard occurs, nobody can get to us to deal with us," said Charnoski.

City crews placed concrete barriers along Laurel Canyon road, below the hillside, but the couple said it doesn't do much to stop their house from sliding.

"It's an issue that we need to work out. We need to get someone to respond one way or another because we have vehicles that are stuck and a house that's actually sliding off the hill," said Charnoski.

The couple is especially concerned with the possibility of more wind and rain next week.