Hollywood writers look for love on picket lines

Across Los Angeles, Hollywood writers have taken to the streets for more than a week as they demand better working conditions. But for those picketing for the Writer's Guild of America, it's been an uphill battle with no end in sight.

Among all the turmoil, some are hoping for a different kind of relationship to possibly fall their way. On Wednesday, single WGA members looking for someone to strike with were seen wearing pink or purple bracelets.

It was all a part of a singles' mixer, which came as an inspiration after hearing about a married couple who met during the last WGA strike.

Organizers figure there are plenty of singles looking for a fair wage who also want to mingle.

"A lot of times they don't understand, like the demands of the job, like how sometimes the hours are unconventional," said Marcos Luevanos, a writer who co-hosted the mixer. "And so a lot of times they don't understand that, you know, we really are sometimes working until 1-3 a.m., sometimes 4 a.m."

Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein, who is also a writer, was spotted at the event to show support for the picketers.