‘Heartbeat of America’: Health care workers honored with red light atop Empire State Building in NYC

As only the Empire State Building could, New York’s iconic skyscraper lit up the night sky in honor of emergency services and health care workers battling the coronavirus.

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Building operators illuminated the upper floors to show the “heartbeat of America.” The building lit up with rhythmic pulsing red lights while white and red lights circled the tower, mimicking a siren on an ambulance.

“We’ll never stop shining for you. Starting tonight through the COVID-19 battle, our signature white lights will be replaced by the heartbeat of America with a white and red siren in the mast for heroic emergency workers on the front line of the fight,” the Empire State Building said on Twitter.

It’s just the latest, and perhaps the biggest, display of gratitude being shown toward health care workers fighting to save lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many cities across the world, including The Big Apple, take part in a daily round of applause for doctors and other health care professionals.

New York has been especially hard hit by the novel coronavirus. The state paces the nation with more than 66,000 confirmed cases as of March 31. New York City accounts for more than 37,000 of them.

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The Empire State Building has enjoyed colorful light displays throughout much of its existence. But the lights were taken to another level in 2012 when a computer-driven LED system was installed.

With 16 million colors at their disposal, elaborate light shows and other displays became possible. 

They’re common on holidays and championship celebrations. But certain occasions, like the 25th anniversary of “Friends,” get their own special show. 

On Monday, the building synchronized its lights with Alicia Keys’ hit song “Empire State of Mind” before transitioning into the heartbeat of America theme.

This story was reported from Atlanta.