Group Installs Teahouse In Griffith Park, Built From Reclaimed Wood

LOS ANGELES, CA (FOX 11) - An anonymous group of artists installed a teahouse Monday night in Griffith Park (on Taco Peak on Mount Bell) before holding a tea ceremony in celebration on Tuesday. The structure was built from redwoods destroyed in the 2007 Griffith Park fire. The artists built the 80-square-foot building, carrying prefabricated pieces in and bolting them to a foundation that was already in place.

The traditional Japanese tea ceremondy encouraged attendees to write prayers or wishes on wooden cards and hang them inside the tea house.

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If you'd like to hike to the teahouse, it can be reached from either the Fern Dell or Vermont Canyon entrances north of Los Feliz Blvd. The Modern Hiker website has a detailed description if you're interested in visiting.

There is a petition going around now to keep the teahouse standing. The petition states, " Art should not be destroyed and the tea house is a gift to the city, a "love letter" celebrating LA. It's a place for reflection and wishes. It breathes life back into things destroyed, made from reclaimed wood from the Griffith Park Fire. It's a gesture of peace and a celebration of the artists' love for Griffith Park. There should be tea houses this meaningful in every park in the world. "

You can follow the teahouse on Twitter @GParkTeaHouse.

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