Grammy Awards scandal threatens organization's reputation

It’s the biggest music awards show but this year, the talk is that the Grammys is rigged. 

Recently ousted Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan made serious claims about it on Good Morning America Thursday.

Variety Senior Music Editor Jem Aswad says whispers of a corrupt Grammys nomination system have been going on for years.

“This is the highest-profile allegation of this nature that it’s had yet,” said Aswad.

The Recording Academy, which puts on the annual ceremony, denies allegations that the voting process is corrupt.

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“There have been times I’ve looked at nominees’ lists and you’re just like I’ve never heard of this person and they’re nominated for a Grammy and I’m a music critic who has been doing it for decades,” Aswad said.

Dugan also accused the academy’s general counsel of sexually harassing her and claims her predecessor raped a female recording artist and says the Board of Trustees knew about it.