Governor Newsom gives 2 weeks paid sick leave for essential food workers

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday said he signed an executive order giving essential workers in the food delivery system two weeks of supplemental paid sick leave. 

"We don't want you going to work if you're sick," Newsom said, addressing what he called the "front lines of the food delivery system."

He added: "The grocery lines are also the front lines in this pandemic."

Newsom said that he hoped the extra money would relieve some anxiety.

Grocery store workers to farmers are all considered essential workers and have been receiving paychecks during this time.

However, Newsom noted that the stress to not call in sick is immense and he wanted these workers to know that they are not "disposable." 

Newsom called out those who pick, serve and deliver food for doing such essential work during this time, and he credited the Latino Caucus for bringing the matter to his attention. 

He said that these people have been "especially hard hit." 

This announcement follows on what Newsom outlined the day before; $125 million in funding to undocumented immigrants, who aren't eligible for any federal stimulus money. 

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.