Good Samaritan helped save man trapped inside SUV submerged in water

A Good Samaritan's quick-thinking helped save the life of a man trapped inside an SUV submerged in water.

"Give me a rock," Krystina Reyes' uncle is heard yelling on cell phone video.

"He asked me for a rock because he tried breaking the window with his hand and realized he couldn't do it," Reyes said.

Reyes, who went searching for a rock nearby, handed it to her uncle who climbed back on top of the SUV to finish the rescue.

It took him several tries to smash the window, but he finally freed the trapped driver who crawled out to safety.

"When he came out he was drenching wet and full of mud," Reyes said. "My uncle gave him his jacket."

The driver Margarito Martinez is lucky to be alive.

The Sheriff's Department said he tried to cross washed out Road Runner Road in Canyon Country during Thursday's storm when the powerful water swept away his car.

"I felt I wasn't going to live through this," Martinez said in Spanish. "I was trapped inside, my SUV was filling up with water."

Reyes and her family, who were driving their vans behind Martinez, saw his SUV lose traction.

Martinez said his car flipped twice before his wheel became stuck on a rock.

It was just enough time for Reyes' uncle to strap the car down and rescue the man.

"What I've heard is that he's just calling us his angels and he's really grateful for my uncle," Reyes said.