Garbage truck crash reveals suspected illegal marijuana grow operation in Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights police are investigating after a garbage truck crashed into a marijuana grow operation Wednesday morning.

The truck was traveling south on Mound Road approaching 15 Mile Road around 5:30 a.m. when a vehicle turned south onto Mound from a turnaround just north of 15 Mile while the light was red, cutting off the truck. 


The garbage truck driver swerved but still hit the turning vehicle, police said. The garbage truck drove through the northbound lanes of Mound. No other vehicles were hit, but the truck struck a building at 35100 Mound.

The crash revealed that the building was full of pot plants. Growing marijuana is illegal in commercial buildings because the city did not opt in to allow it.

"Growing marijuana inside a commercial building is not legal in the city of Sterling Heights," said Sean Allen, the Sterling Heights fire marshal.

No injuries were reported.