Gang Violence Escalates In South LA

(FOX 11) What's happening on the south side is being described as a war within a gang. Two factions of the same gang at odds.

Since Friday night, Deputy Chief Bill Smith said there have been seven shootings in which eleven people were struck and one of those died. The Chief added that five were definitely gang-related.

An "insider" told FOX 11 that about a year ago the wife of a gang member was killed. That's when things started to get tense.

Now, some young gang members are using social media to exchange threats and challenges. Gang violence is nothing new, however the insider said the intensity of this confrontation within one gang is new.

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"It's been going on for years. There's been killings for quite some time, man, but not to this degree, since the 80's," the source told FOX 11. "This is more senseless than ever because there is no rhyme or reason to what's going on, and Instagram and Facebook is fielding most of this stuff. You have a bunch of young kids with access to computers and that's what they've done all day. And, then the kids will feed off of it and it's bad because they're acting out."

Scott said to counter the gang members, authorities have deployed more officers, motorcycle units, METRO and others. They hope that will help reduce crime and bring down the fear some on the south side are feeling.

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