'Fresh & Easy' Closing 50 Stores In California, Arizona, Nevada

From Christine O'Donnell:

A blow for the Compton Community, Fresh & Easy, one of the few grocery stores in the area is closing.

More than a hundred people formed a kind in front of the store Monday after a notice that select items would be half off this week.

Fresh & Easy announced Friday via YouTube that they were closing about 50 stores, including 30 in the Southland.

The announcement came from CEO Jim Keyes in a 7 and a half minute video explaining the decision to "the Fresh & Easy team."

In the video that had since been removed. He explained that the company wanted to give every location a chance to succeed but, due to some physical limitations (like size of the parking lot) the stores were just not performing to expectations.

Toy Phillips is the first in line at the Compton store. She says she was sad to learn the store was closing and that it'll be difficult for her and others in the community to find fresh products.

One of the store managers tells FOX11's Christine O'Donnell that the frozen food, dry goods and beer are 50 percent off this week. He's says next week the same items will be 75 percent off next week.

The store will official close on April 3rd.