FOX 11 visits the house from 'Beverly Hills 90210'

Wednesday night, the second episode of the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot aired on FOX and it’s the summer’s highest-rated series debut. 

The original series ran from 1990-2000 and was one of the hottest shows on television. We visited one of the main sets, the Casa Walsh, that is actually located in Altadena and talked to the homeowner. 

The show’s art director found the house in 1990 in the 1600 block of Altadena Drive and had the location manager stop in.

“He came by and he said how would you like your house in the movies?” recalled Jake Stanton. Beverly Hills 90210 filmed at Stanton’s house five to 10 days a year. “You dance up the home as if you’re going to have a party and then you weren’t invited,” he said. “Then when they left you had to clean up after it.”

The house was built in 1928. Stanton moved there in 1984 and has done a lot of work to it. His twin kids, who are now 38, used to love having their friends over and watching their famous house on the show.

“It was exciting to see your home on television. The second-year it took off. There were tabloids all over the grocery stores and people were sitting all over the curb watching them film. When my son was about eight, in the second season, he was running across the street and back. I said, ‘what are you doing?’ and he said, ‘I’m getting autographs from the actors and I’m going over there and I’m selling them.’”

Along with the outside of the house, much of the inside was also used on 90210, although it doesn’t look exactly the same. Upstairs, Stanton’s daughter’s room was Brenda’s bedroom. His son’s room was the sewing room where Brenda walked out on the little balcony and saw Dylan for the first time. “She saw Luke Perry working on that car, it was an old Mercury.” The staircase was flipped on the show and the living room doubled as the living room and sound stage for Jenny’s room.

Having stars in his home, Stanton says was pretty cool, especially Luke Perry who he called very friendly and down-to-earth. “He kind of had an idea that he wasn’t going to live as long because James Dean didn’t live as long but he had that same feeling even way back then.”

“Did he tell you that?” Fox 11’s Hailey Winslow asks Stanton.

“Yes,” Stanton said.

30 years later, a handful of people from all over the world still make the trek to Altadena daily.

“What’s it like living in this house and having people come by and every day and take pictures of it?” Winslow asked Stanton.

“As long as they take pictures down at the street, fine. But I’ve come home and found people looking in the back window.” But Stanton says overall, it’s been a really wonderful experience.