FOX 11 News IN DEPTH: Turning Tragedy into a Mission & Defending a Dance Title

Robert Velasco and his family have done very few interviews. The most notable with our Laura Diaz who spent quite a bit of time with the Fontana family. What you are about to see here is the family's first in-studio sit down. An unedited and extended public conversation the family says its tried to stay away from because of the sensitivities of losing a daughter/sister to the traumatic terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

Our invitation for this interview came as the Velasco's were seeing what the Parkland, Florida high school kids were doing. Impressed with the impact they are having. they decided to talk to us on FOX 11 News IN DEPTH. In this segment they take us back to the attack and the loss of Yvette Velasco. She was one of the 14 killed. She would have been 30-years-old this past week. Understandably, it is tough for the members of this family to discuss something so horrific.

Robert Velasco is retired as a Lt. from the CHP. He talks about how he is a supporter of the second amendment and has guns of his own, but doesn't feel assault rifles should be available for purchase.

A major mood swing here. From the very serious segments with the Velasco family to the varsity level World Hip Hop Dance Champs who are from Southern California. They're called TLXWC... high schoolers from West Covina who are preparing to defend their title this summer. In this segment we hear about the competition. In a fourth segment, not shown here, they gave us a sample of their dance.

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