FOX 11 News In Depth: The Best of Season One - Our 2017 Holiday Special

We start our show with a wonderful story from our first FOX 11 News In Depth back in February of 2017.

Chef Marilyn Cole has been cooking-up soul food in the Crenshaw District for almost 30 years and has a big following.

One thing she does each year is a thank you day to the community where everything on the menu is 99 cents. That's coming up in March! The ingredient in her recipe for success that people seem to like? She says of her cooking, "I do it with love." And, we love that we can see her story again in our first Christmas Special.

Leo Chalukian attended Belmont High School back in 1945, but he never finished because he decided to enlist in the navy and go to war where he planted land mine. His story is poignant. In 2017, after 70 years, Leo finally got his diploma.

By the way, even without that, he's had a great career in Hollywood. Leo bought 'Ryder Sound Services' and is listed on credits on thousands of major movies. He's also been President of 'The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. It's nice to have a chance to revisit Leo's wonderful story!

Looking forward to your next trip to the dentist? Dr. Sargon Lazarof tries to be a soothing one with a song in the heart and Novocaine in the gums. He sings to his patients who seem anxious. And, invents new dental tools. This dental office is very different just like the baby grand piano in his office's waiting room.

The Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic is simply unique. Maestro Richard Greene, Esq. had the idea that he couldn't possibly be the only lawyer who played a musical instrument. He was right. He gathered lawyers, judges, paralegals and formed a full orchestra, a swing band, and a choir. For the legal eagles this is a real stress relief after a day in court and they'll all tell you its a great deal of fun. For the rest of us, it's very entertaining. We had a chance to observe one of the rehearsals and hear from Greene and others on why when they're not fighting in court... they love making beautiful music together.

Dick Van Dyke is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! At his Malibu home he shares with us his insights of a long life and why he feels the best are right now!!! We also hear why he has an allergic reaction to the word 'retirement' and his political views.

Celebrating his 93rd birthday this year Van Dyke sings and dances like a man much younger and shows me a few steps in time! This was one of my more memorable moments of 2017.

To you and yours all the best this holiday season!

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