FOX 11 News In Depth: A Family's Grief, Disaster Plan, Legal Marijuana & Canter's Deli

A Family's Grief: My interview with the parents of Blaze Bernstein who was murdered in OC. Though a portion of my interview ran in the news Wednesday we have extended it for IN DEPTH. The parents are Gideon and Jeanne (pronounced Jeannie) Bernstein. The conversation centers around trying to make something positive happen (like a foundation to fight social media dangers) in Blaze's name.

Disaster Plan: After the false alarm in Hawaii about incoming missiles we wondered "what if" it happened here or, worse, the real thing. Joining us in studio will be Donna Boston, the Office of Emergency Services Director for Orange County and the captain of LA County's OES Leonard McCray.

Legal Marijuana: This is our look at what's happening with marijuana in Southern California. Its been legal for just a few weeks and we want to learn more about the rollout and wondered how do we tell our kids that something that's been illegal for so long is suddenly legal and okay to buy and use. Joining us in studio will be USC sociology professor Avelardo Valdez, Prop 64 co-author Lynne Lyman and Prop 64 campaign worker Jackie Subeck. If you'd like more information go to

The People of Canter's Deli: Canter's Deli in the Fairfax District is now 70 years old. From where they pickle the pickles to baking the bread we get the lowdown on this LA institution. It's a yummy way to end this first show of the new season.