FDA warns dog owners about xylitol sweetener found in human food, dental products can be deadly

The federal government warns a sugar substitute for people food could be deadly for your best four-legged buddy.

The U.S.Food and Drug Administration issued a warning on Tuesday that foods which contain the sugar substitute xylitol can cause dogs to vomit, suffer seizures, tremors and even death within an hour of ingesting it.

The sweetener is often used in breath mints, toothpaste, sugarless gum and desserts, chewable vitamins, dietary supplements, some peanut and nut butters to name a few products.

Dog owners are urged to read the label of any treats they give their dog to make sure it doesn't include xylitol.

If you think your dog may have eaten a product containing xylitol, call your vet, emergency clinic, or animal poison control center right away.

For full FDA warning and list of foods and products, click here.