Father's gift helps son remember his late mother

When we lose a loved one, one of the hardest things is never hearing their voice again. That's what makes this toy such an incredible gift. Antonio Vargas Sr. gave his son, Antonio Jr., a stuffed monkey that has a hidden surprise: It plays a recording of his mother Johanna's voice.

"At first I thought it was kind of like a prank," Antonio, Jr. told FOX 35, "because they always used to call me their little monkey."

Johanna passed away unexpectedly last July. Antonio Sr. saved the voicemails he had on his phone after she died.

"I was able to cut some pieces out and able to put it on the toy for him to be able to hear his mother again," he explained.

And now his mother's sweet message -- and reminder of her love -- is just a squeeze away. Antonio Jr. said he usually like to press the buttons at night, just before bed. It lets him know that he's never alone.

As he put it: "Even though she's gone, she's still here."