Family attacked at fast food drive-thru in North Hollywood; Suspect made threats, used slurs

An Asian-American family was attacked at a fast-food drive-through in North Hollywood.

The attacker was spotted in a cell phone video using racial slurs and making threats to the family. FOX 11 spoke with the family, who says the attack that allegedly took place in mid-May of 2022 left them battered and bruised.

"He started hurting my mom by physically choking her and strangling her," said Patricia Roque, one of the victims of the alleged attack. "He was about to hit her but thankfully my mom deflected the hit, but it hit her chest instead of her face."

According to the family, a man hit the family's car from behind, got out of the drive-thru line and an argument broke out – escalating from a verbal to physical attacks by the man shown in the cell phone video.

The dad had come from the family's home to try and stop the attack but he was left battered with a broken rib and sore arm, the family told FOX 11. The family claims the police investigating the incident were more concerned about the crash than the physical attack shown on camera or the racial slurs being said.

"We are concerned that law enforcement has not taken any efforts to apprehend and to locate the defendant. Based on social media, we have learned that he lives in North Hollywood. He is a neighbor to the victim," said Sandy Roxas, family attorney.

Roque said the family feels they are "being discouraged by law enforcement."

"We do not want to back down from this," Roque said.

FOX 11 has learned the suspect was cited and released following the incident. He was ordered to appear in court earlier in the month but apparently didn't show up. 

In the wake of the May 2022 attack, the local community is holding a rally to demand justice for the Roque family, which will be held at noon on Friday, June 17 outside the Van Nuys east location of the LA County Superior Court, located on 6230 Sylmar Avenue.

Below is a copy of the press release of the event: