Family suffers burns after beach bonfire explosion

A family spending an evening at Dockweiler State Beach started a fire to stay warm. What they didn't expect was a series of explosions that left them burned and in the hospital.

The Jensen family is back at the fire pit they were using last Saturday night when suddenly they were knocked back from an explosion.

"Come to find out that someone had buried some aerosol cans underneath the ash and it had blown up in our faces," burn victim, Ryan Jensen, said.

Jensen showed FOX 11 photos of what he believes are the aerosol cans that ignited.

He said he found at least three inside the fire pit near lifeguard tower 51 at Dockweiler State Beach.

Jensen's six year old son Dane, who was close to the fire pit, suffered first degree burns to his face.

Photos of the aftermath show the family covered in ash before they were all transported to the hospital for treatment.

Jensen doesn't know who buried the cans.

FOX 11 asked people working the beaches Monday, but they hadn't heard of the incident.

"I would assume maybe some taggers or someone had buried those," Jensen said. "Someone had done that intentionally."

He now has a warning for other families to look before they light a bonfire.

"I just want to get the word out and make sure it doesn't happen again and that everyone stays safe," he said.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said the incident was reported to LAPD's Pacific Division.

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