'Family Guy' Fans wonder if Seth MacFarlane was shedding light on Hollywood secrets

Comedy? Or a warning sign? Seth MacFarlane fans believe he knew something most of us didn't and wanted to shed some light on it.

Family Guy fans have pointed to a 2005 clip of Stewie running naked through a shopping mall screaming, "Help!! I've escaped from Kevin Spacey's basement!!" to draw comparisons to recent real life allegations of men who say Kevin Spacey acted inappropriately toward them -- some when they were teens.

And then there's a 2012 episode of Stewie dressing up as a woman at an auction only to be bought by a fictional Brett Ratner. In real life, the movie producer is facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment.

"The fact that he had his finger on the button on what's become this incredible hot button issue in Hollywood and far beyond is not surprising," said Wrap Editor Sharon Waxman.

Sharon Waxman, the editor for the Wrap, says the show's creator, Seth MacFarlane, was likely reflecting the rumors he had heard.

"Seth MacFarlane is a consummate industry insider," said Waxman.

An insider, who some feel was letting many on the outside in on some of dark secrets...that have plagued the industry for years.

At the 2013 Oscar nominations,MacFarlane snuck in a jab about Harvey Weinstein, based on an experience his friend, actress Jessica Barth shared with him.

"Congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein," said MacFarlane.

"I don't think he was making a dig. He said later he was angry and about it and it comes out in his humor," said Waxman.

Anger and truth.....seemingly disguised as comedy.

Something Waxman says comedians have been doing ...for centuries.

"I don't think there's anything new about comedians being truth tellers and they say back to the jester in court society - the jester could always say things that nobody else could and get away with it because the king would chop of other peoples heads. In our modern day society, comedians do the same thing. Comedians say the things that are just too hard for other people to speak," said Waxman.

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