Face Forward celebrates 10 years of providing reconstructive surgeries

Call it a celebration of survivors. In its tenth year, the non-profit Face Forward will recognize the work of its doctors and honor men and women who've received life-changing surgeries after being horribly disfigured.

Andreas Christopheros survived an acid attack in the UK in 2014. He's come to Beverly Hills courtesy Face Forward for a number of surgeries. Doctor David Alessi and his wife Deborah Alessi, of the Alessi Institute, founded Face Forward.

Deborah says "every day you wake up and look in the mirror you're reminded of what happened."

Their program requires participants to give back. Christopheros speaks out on tightening the sentences for acid attacks. His attack was a case of mistaken identity. His attacker was sentenced to life but that sentence was reduced to 16 years.

Christopheros is working hard on changing laws in the UK.

Face Forward holds its annual gala on Saturday. Their next venture is helping veterans.