Exclusive: Mayors of LA, Cincinnati discuss Super Bowl, winning bets

It was an extraordinary conversation with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval.

While they individually have talked about the game this was the first time the two city leaders stood side-by-side and talked about their Super Bowl bet with FOX 11’s Hal Eisner. 

They were playing off each other’s comments in the exclusive FOX 11 interview. It was really amazing to watch their banter almost as if they had known each other since kindergarten. 

When asking which team will win Pureval said, "The Bengals are going to win." Garcetti’s comeback?

"Never heard of em!" The two mayors made a little bet... the first part of the best was about the team jerseys. The losing mayor wears the winning team’s jersey to their next public appearance. Part two of the bet is more good-hearted... the mayor of the winning city will donate to the losing city's children's hospital.

"We wanted the winner to do something for the losing city just like we saw Kansas City do for the Buffalo Bills. When they beat Buffalo they had fans that were donating to the Buffalo Children’s Hospital. Inspired by that we’re going to do the same thing." 

Then the jab as the LA mayor continued, "So, I’m hopeful that Los Angeles people will be very generous and give a lot to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital when we win on Sunday."

The mayors were invited to a FOX-hosted Super Bowl reception at the FOX Studio Lot in West LA for members of Congress.

Mayor Pureval says if the Bengals win Cincinnati kids get a day off from school Monday. Garcetti’s comeback? "I really care about the education of Cincinnati kids I’d really like them to be back in school on Monday, but if they insist on not going to school I think it’s a learning day. They should replay the tapes. See what they can do next year better."

Pureval said either way the kids get a day off from school. The two also chatted about the championship parades.

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"I think if you look at a Cincinnati celebration… it’s cold. A Los Angeles one is warm. That’s the main difference," Garcetti  laughed. The Cincinnati mayor fired back saying, "But, the other main difference is ours is attended. Whereas the Los Angeles pep rally, the games, the celebration … not so well attended."

"Sure, because he mandates the kids are not in school that day. They have to be at the celebrations," Garcetti replied.

Super Bowl Sunday will be special for both. When Garcetti was 8-years-old the Steelers beat the LA Rams in the Rose Bowl. He says he went with his dad Gil Garcetti. The mayor’s dad was the former LA County DA; he’s now 80-years old.

"(It) broke my heart watching them lose. So, I took him (Gil Garcetti) to Atlanta to be able to right that wrong." Again another loss. This time father and son will be together again at Super Bowl LVI. As we wrap up our interview, Pureval fires off a Bengal chant! Who’s going to win? "WHO DEY Bengals!" Then, with pride, Garcetti says "Whose House? Rams HOUSE!"

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