Dyson unveils robot prototype that could help with household chores

Need help with household chores or just tired of doing them? Then help is on the way. 

Dyson unveiled their plans for a robot prototype that can do common household chores. 

The robotic device has an arm capable of grabbing items. Video shows the robotic arm grabbing a teddy bear, kitchen plates, utensils, and more. 

It's not clear what specific chores it can and can not do. 

"There is a big future in robotics and saving people time, performing chores for people and improving people's daily lives. I'm a parent, I spend half my life cleaning up after my kids and it's pretty tedious," said Dyson’s Chief Engineer Jake Dyson.

Until now, Dyson robots have been floor-based vacuum cleaners… the first one came out 20 years ago. 

Officials say it could be released by 2030.