Dogs Seized By LAPD During Raids In Need Of Homes

(FOX 11) Meet Boo the Pitbull, Rocky the Chihuahua and Blackie the Doxie Mix...they are the innocent victims of crime.

The dogs were found locked in a dark and dank warehouse that was raided by the LAPD's Transnational Organized Crime Section in South Gate two weeks ago. And we were right there with them that day.

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The rented space, part of a huge criminal operation, according to police, that was being used to store tanker trucks filled with fuel. All part, say police, of an identity fraud ring.

And there in the dark with the diesel trucks known as bombs on wheels because they're so explosive were the doggies.

If they were meant to be guard dogs, they failed because they were as friendly as could be. Greeting police officers - and us - with licks and tail wags. Lots of them.

And they immediately won our hearts.

When officers brought them outside into the sunlight - something they rarely saw according to people on the property who told us the dogs were left locked inside that warehouse for weeks at a time and - they seemed grateful. And a little bit in awe.

According to the shelter, the dog's owner is in jail and his family didn't want the dogs. They signed over all rights to them and all three are now up for adoption, looking for a loving home.

A loving home they so deserve.

All three boys are happy and healthy, friendly and loving, and ready to start their lives.

This is a great time to adopt because right now SEAACA has a $5 adoption rate special!

If you're interested in Boo, Blackie or Rocky please contact:



9777 Seaaca Street
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 803-3301

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