Dog walker killed alongside 5 dogs in violent pursuit crash in Long Beach leaves behind 10-year-old

A memorial for the Long Beach woman fatally injured during a high-speed chase continues to grow.

"She had a lot of love around her," said a close friend who left flowers at the memorial site.

Flowers, handwritten notes and dog toys were left at the site where the innocent bystander was struck with six dogs in her car.

Jessica Bingaman, 41, died at the hospital after her vehicle was struck by a suspect's vehicle during a police pursuit on Tuesday. Jessie, as she went by, was a professional dog walker. She was reportedly heading to a dog park at the time of the crash. She leaves behind a 10-year-old daughter.

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"She was one of the locals. We're a pretty tight-knit community and it was just really impactful," said Long Beach resident Christi Reppart. "Why was he going so fast and why couldn't it have been avoided?"

"Does the community want us to allow people who steal cars and are career criminals to be able to flee whether its on foot or in car, and us to just say 'see you later'? That's a tough question," Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna said in defense of the actions his officers took in pursuing the stolen vehicle.

Nearby residents expressed frustration over the Long Beach Police Department's handling of the pursuit.

"I can't blackball Long Beach police ultimately without looking into this a little bit more. But it's a concern I have and I think residents in the area I'm sure have concern," said Richard Hilgenberg who witnessed the crash in front of his E 3rd Street home.

"Jessie was a true friend and always willing to help. She left behind her German Shepherd Charles who is going to need a new home," friend Tex Kim posted to Facebook along with a picture of Bingaman.

A GoFundMe was set up to assist with funeral costs and family assistance.

The driver of the vehicle was booked on charges of evading a police officer, felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter, and bail warrant violation. He is being held without bail.