Dog dies after being stung 700 times in Perris bee attack

Chance the dog, a playful Rottweiler-Pit Bull mix, was everyone’s favorite puppy in his Perris neighborhood. Sunday night, after a painful five-day battle, the dog took his last breath in the arms of Bryan and Brittany Engen. The husband and wife loved him, calling him their "third child."

Chance’s demise began on Tuesday, May 16. That’s when a swarm of bees attacked the dog as he wandered in the yard. The bees became agitated after a neighbor tried to dismantle a bee hive hidden in the planks of an old wood fence. That neighbor, Tommy Baker, had no idea the swarm of bees had left his yard and descended on the helpless dog. But Baker’s wife saw Chance under siege, and pulled him to safety in the garage. But the damage was done. At least 700 stingers were removed from the 100-pound puppy’s side; the dog was in severe distress. He was rushed to the vet.

A GoFundMe started by the Baker Family raised over $6,000 for Chance's care. Despite Herculean medical efforts to save Chance, sadly, there was no second chance for him.  On a Zoom call, an emotional Brittany Engen described through tears the family’s love for their deceased dog. The family hoped and prayed Chance could battle back.

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"He fought as hard as he could," Engen said. "Even though we were hoping he would recover, for as young as he was, with his body and organs it was just too much."

The entire Perris neighborhood loved Chance, and has taken the loss hard. As Engen pointed out, "We live in nature. Things happen in nature. Coyotes. And now we learn bees." 

For now, the family is healing and trying to figure out how to break the news to their young daughter and son, who worshiped the family pet. Chance’s ashes will arrive back to the family home in the coming days.