Dodger fan celebrates 100th birthday at his first Dodger game

One Los Angeles Dodgers fan got to live out his lifelong dream Tuesday night after 100 years. Travis Evans has been following the Dodgers since they were in Brooklyn, but had never been to a game, before tonight. 

The U.S. Coast Guard veteran and Southern California native is celebrating his 100th birthday at Dodger Stadium to watch the team's penultimate game of the season against the Colorado Rockies. 

"I've followed the Dodgers even when they were in Brooklyn, and Vin Scully too," Evans said. "It's an important part of my life."

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Evans' daughter help put together the surprise for the centenarian, with family coming from all over the U.S.Alabama, Minnesota and more. 

When asked what moment he was most looking forward to, Evans said, "Just the first pitch will be enough for me. It's worth the trip just to see that."

Evans said he's always wanted to go to a game, but his service in the Coast Guard limited his ability to get to games. 

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The Dodgers clinched their ninth National League West title in the last 10 years back on Sept. 12, and have secured home field advantage through the MLB playoffs.

"I think we'll see them in the World Series," Evans said.