Ding Dongs meet Twinkies in new Hostess snack mashup

Product photo of Hostess Ding Dongs x Twinkies Mashups (Credit: Hostess)

Two iconic Hostess treats are getting mashed up into one. 

The food giant announced its new Hostess Ding Dogs x Twinkies Mashups featuring a spongy cake and creamy filling Twinkies fans know and love enrobed in the fudgy chocolate frosting of Ding Dongs. 

The treats come in a 10-count individually wrapped multi-pack and are starting to roll out at Walmart stores nationwide this month. 

The company said the snack will be a permanent addition to Hostess’s portfolio.

You can use the Hostess store locator to find availability near you.

In May, Hostess announced three new treats: KazBars, Chocolate Drizzle Baby Bundts and Donettes Old Fashioned Mini Donuts. All three items are available at retailers nationwide. 

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This story was reported from Los Angeles.