Dianne Feinstein funeral: Tributes pour in for Senator remembered as pioneer

The San Francisco Girls Choir those famous words to the song "San Francisco."

It seemed so appropriate as they sang about the city Dianne Feinstein launched her career from local elected positions into the political stratosphere to national office. She became the city's first female Mayor upon the assassination of the late Mayor George Moscone. 

After serving 10 years, she became America's longest-serving U.S. Senator.

London Breed is currently the Mayor of San Francisco. She remembers Feinstein as an example of how women can be in charge.

"I was 13 years old... the French horn player at Benjamin Franklin Middle School when I first met the mayor," Breed said. "As far as I ever knew Dianne Feinstein was the mayor. And, for kids my age we just always accepted that a woman could be in charge. A woman could do whatever a man could do. We considered it normal. She created a world where girls like me could be tough. Where we could lead."

There were lessons for her Feinstein's granddaughter Eileen Mariano. Feinstein would tell Eileen...

"It doesn't matter how many times you lose pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you keep going no matter what. And, she would also say to me, if you ever go out of town no matter where you're going. It doesn't matter if you're going to the city or the desert or a beach or the mountains always pack a black pantsuit. There is no occasion to which you can't where a black pantsuit."

There were political heavyweights. There was an audio-only recorded message from President Biden who said of Feinstein, "She was always tough, prepared, rigorous and compassionate. She always served the people of California and our nation for the right reasons... to make life better for everyday people."

The President was followed by Vice President Kamala Harris who said, "Dianne diligently focused on the impacts to real people. And, true to her mayoral roots she was deeply immersed in the details of each bill and how each would play on the streets of our beloved state."

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Shumer said, "Dianne Feinstein was a leader of uncommon integrity. She had an internal gyroscope that propelled her, motivated her, never let her stray from a cause she knew was right."

There were other interesting anecdotes like one from Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi who said, "I have a t-shirt that I want to show and it says, and many of you have worn this, 'I survived Dianne's Staff Meetings.'" 

Her granddaughter Eileen Mariano also spoke at Feinstein's funeral.

"So to my grandmother I promise work to my long suit, to earn my spurs, to keep going no matter what and to never forget my black pants suit," Mariano said.