Deputies cuff Lancaster boy with autism found wandering off school; father blames school district

A Lancaster father is furious and speaking out after his son with autism was found and cuffed by Sheriff's deputies a mile away from his middle school following an altercation at school.

"I'm calling you out! Our children deserve better," Trevor Hibbert didn't mince his words to the Lancaster School District Board Tuesday night.

Hibbert plans to sue the school district for negligent supervision and says Monday's incident is the third time in three weeks that his special needs son has somehow been able to wander off campus after a classroom altercation.

11-year-old Abraham was cuffed by deputies after he was found wandering a mile away from Endeavour Middle School. Hibbert says he adopted Abraham at six months of age after he saw one of Fox 11 anchor Christine Devine's 'Wednesdays Child' adoption segment more than a decade ago.

Hibbert has always been protective of Abraham and showed up to Tuesday night's Lancaster School Board meeting to criticize their handling of his son.

"God bless it Michelle. I expected more from you," said Hibbert at the meeting in what was a direct message to Superintendent Michelle Bowers who called the incident regrettable.

"We're doing everything we need to do to support the family and support this child to be successful," said Bowers. "This is his first year of middle school and while we're completely committed to his safety and his education, we're also very mindful of the safety of our staff, so we're trying to balance all of that out."

"Regrettable? 125-pound, 5-foot 11-year-old special needs child that ends up in handcuffs because of your gross incompetence is not regrettable -- That's abhorrent," said Hibbert.