Death at Burning Man sparks Ebola rumors on social media

Over the weekend, Burning Man made national headlines for all the wrong reasons as the counterculture festival not only got caught in the middle of a monsoon but also about 70,000 festivalgoers were left stranded at the campsites. 

To make matters worse, one person died at the festival site. In addition to the ongoing death investigation and the news of tens of thousands of festivalgoers hunkering down, rumors regarding possible Ebola concerns began spreading on social media.

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Multiple social media accounts have shared fake screenshots impersonating national health agencies like the CDC. In one of the fake warnings, the CDC allegedly warned the public that an Ebola outbreak was reported at Burning Man.

[NOTE: The tweet embedded below is a fake warning]

The real CDC has not issued any warnings related to Ebola outbreaks in the United States, let alone Pershing County – where Burning Man is being held.

Other social media users, including @AngiePeacockMSW, shot down the Ebola rumors. In fact, she insisted in a video message taken from the festival site that "everyone is fine."

As of Sunday night, it is unknown when the festivalgoers will be allowed to leave the campsites. Health officials in Pershing County have not issued any outbreak or public health emergencies in relation to Burning Man being held in the area.